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Akila and Maelstrom

Its that time of year again when Maelstrom starts to creep ever closer and I can get all over excited about playing again!  Today I have been mostly supposed to be doing a piece of systems coursework due tomorrow which I have little if not no chance on understanding so instead I wrote up some background for my new(ish) character - Akila.

I know I kinda played her at the last event and I should have had the background sorted then but it never really happened properly for many reasons and I hadn't quite got her background sorted in my head.  So here's the new improved Akila all ready for playing with more stuff decided!

My name is Akila.  I give no other name since I have left that long behind me.  As you can see I am Wemic, of Amun Sa by birth.  

I was born the only girl child to parents devoutly religious and devoted to the Soldier.  My being the only girl always gave me special status in the family, especially with my mother, which allowed me more freedom to do what I wanted than might otherwise have been possible.  I learned from an early age to exploit this, never in any terrible way but enough to always get what I wanted.  

By the time I was ready to begin to learn my own way in the world I had my mother firmly on my side and she would give me whatever I wanted.  I had set my heart on becoming part of the passionate work of so many Amun Sa - that of Architecture.  My Father however was firnly against this.  As a priest of the Soldier he felt I should follow him into the Church and live my life in the service of his God.  However I was stubborn and I appealed to my mother, and as ever I got my way.

I began to study at a prestigious college known for it's talented graduates and but also for it's more liberal stance, a side which immediately appealed to me.  It was there I met Jabaari, another apprentice just older than myself and a devotee of the Builder, a god my father felt it was not proper I should involve myself with.  Again my rebellious streak showed through and I began to learn the tenants of the faith, becoming quickly enamored of the teachings and attitude of a church so different to that of my father.

However my idyllic days at the college were to be short.  My mother died suddenly and I lost my most powerful ally in my small rebellion.  My father was quick to announce that I had to leave my dreams and come back to him and the Church of the Soldier.  This was a situation I could not envisage ever being happy in.

So Jabaari, by now one of my closest confidants, and I hatched a plan to escape my father's clutches and continue our happy existence as builders and following the teachings of our God.  Talk of the New World is rife throughout the old and we immediately saw the benefits two young wemics could gain by making our way over.

A long and tiresome journey followed, the trip through the Maelstrom being harrowing by all accounts, but we arrived safe and sound and unpursued by my family.  We were destitute and somewhat alone but we set out to look for work and found that our talents were in high demand.  Contact was made with a small arm of the Greenfield Shores trading house, known as House Lyrus, who were in search of a builder to replace a builder they had lost in recent action.  I have made brief contact with them now and have found them to be most agreeable people, an eclectic bunch who allow one to be herself.  I hope to forge a lasting place with them over the time to come.

So thats her, as you can see I may have spent too much time with the Gentle's - I just can't help being the black sheep of the family! 

Roll on April now!



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Jan. 30th, 2007 01:01 pm (UTC)
I don't know about anyone else, but I find a character, you start from 'concept' but takes a few sessions to move from that concept, into a 'real' character, that you can empathise with, and understand.

But I will still try and persuade you that that Jaguar is the 'true way' ;)
Jan. 30th, 2007 02:11 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean, but I've always liked to think through things fairly in depth, and I can't help but love writing background stories. I like to know where they came from.

I'm undecided as to how devoted to the Weaver she'll be yet so you may be able to convince me :)
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